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Axcess Clients Using ARMnet Integrated Banking & Financial Product Management Software or CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management.

Since its creation in the mid 1990's ARMnet Integrated Banking & Financial Product Management Software has provided the solutions necessary to succeed in the rapidly changing financial services business environment. With the advent of Microsoft .NET framework, ARMnet provides even further benefits and improved Return on Investment (ROI). ARMnet Integrated Banking & Financial Product Management Software uses a sound Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to effect solid Business Process Management (BPM) methodologies for lending and deposit taking institutions in either a "bricks and mortar" or a virtual online structure including:

  • Financial Business Process Management (BPM) Firms
  • Residential or Commercial Mortgage Origination and Servicing Firms
  • Payday Loan or Cash Advance Firms
  • Equipment or Vehicle Financing Firms (Loan or Leasing)
  • Dealer Financing and Fleet Management Institutions
  • Retail, Commercial or Agricultural Banking Institutions
  • de novo Banking Institutions
  • Credit Unions or Community Banking Institutions
  • Trust Companies
  • Microfinance Institutions
  • Alternative Peer 2 Peer Lending Institutions

We also offer CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution to our clients as either an integrated Content and Document Management Solution linked to ARMnet or as a stand alone solution. In either instance this platform provides clients with unparalleled searchability on documentation.

  • CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution
    • Platform, browser & device agnostic HTML 5 framework.
    • Works on any operating system (Windows, Linux, iOS, Blackberry, Android)
    • Documents ingested retain all original formatting including Headers & Footers.
    • Intuitive conversion of documents into searchable HTML files to reduce file size for publishing.
    • Converts all common applications easily (Word©, Excel©, PDF©, Visio©, PowerPoint©, Open Office©, Libre Office©.)
    • Index & convert common images (JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, Targa)
    • Encodes and converts all standard video files (AVI, MP3, MP4, WMA)
    • No software installation required (zero footprint)
    • No files to download on mobile devices as you can access in HTML(reduces data consumption)

The solutions can manage any clients needs in one area or region or they can be multijuristictional. With ARMnet we can also manage multiple currencies within these juristictions if required to allow for proper review analysis and hedging where required. Clients who are currently enjoying the benefits of our solutions include:

  • AMAL Asset Management Limited: AMAL (Australian Mortgage Administration Limited) Asset Management Limited is an $A8.5 Billion loan servicing company that represents the mortgage brokerage community in Australia and New Zealand. The portfolio managed includes $A6.5 Billion in commercial mortgages with the balance in Residential Mortgages, Operating Leases and Loans. They are currently the leading third party servicing platform in the region representing over 30 financial services organizations. With a deliberate strategy not to be involved in the origination, legal review or custody of receivables, their sole focus is on providing clients with the most efficient and cost-effective servicing solutions available. AMAL has offices in Sydney and Auckland and relationships with a number of groups throughout the Asia Pacific. AMAL is also in its 12th year of accreditation under the ISO 9001:9002 Quality Management Program and has been ranked 'Above Average' by Standard and Poor's as a loan servicer for the past three years. To download the November 2013 AMAL Asset Management Servicer Evaluation Report click here.
  • Accor Vacation Club Properties (AVCP): Accor Vacation Club is one of Australia and New Zealand's leading holiday ownership systems. The Club's operator is part of the Accor Hospitality Group, the largest hotel group in the Asia Pacific region with operations across 16 countries, covering a full spectrum of locations and hotel styles, from luxury to budget.
  • AIMS Home Loans: Established in 1991, AIMS Financial Group is a 100% Australian owned, international diversified financial services company with a range of business interests in residential and commercial mortgage finance, securitisation, funds management, real estate trust, investment banking and related services.
  • Arch Finance: With offices in Melbourne and Sydney Australia, Arch Finance has over 25 years of experience as a leading originator, funder and servicing firm of first and second mortgage loans for completed assets and new construction projects across the commercial, office, retail, industrial and residential sectors.
  • Balanced Securities: Balanced Securities Limited is the Company that continues to successfully issue unsecured note securities and make loans secured by first mortgages over real estate assets in the Australian marketplace. The key structure of the operation has been the timely payment of interest when due and the repayment of principal when withdrawn by investors. Balanced Securities Limited is a public company and conforms to the necessary high financial and prudential standards.
  • Bluestone Financial: Bluestone is a leading financial services business established in Australia in 2000. The group has successfully expanded to New Zealand (2003) and Europe (2009).

    Bluestone is owned by a number of leading institutional investors including Macquarie Bank, Crescent Capital Partners and Lloyds International. The Group also has a number of institutional funding relationships including Barclays Bank, Westpac Bank, Bank of Scotland and Forum Real Estate Partners.

    The Group operates two core divisions; Bluestone Asset Management and Bluestone Capital Management
  • Bluestone Asset Management currently oversees in excess of $1bn in assets on a primary basis, and $750m as standby basis. Bluestone is the only third party servicer in both Australia and New Zealand to be independently evaluated by both Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings. Bluestone Asset Management offers a range of portfolio management services to third parties, such as Banks, Bond Investors, Trustees and Administrators, including:

    • Core servicing (Customer & Loan administration)
    • Special Servicing (Collections and Arrears Management)
    • Standby or Backup Servicing
    • Trust Management (Cash & Bond Administration)

    A Key driver to engaging Bluestone is a requirement from funders to protect and enhance the performance of underlying asset portfolios. Using ARMnet Integrated Financial Product Management Solution, Bluestone Servicing has developed a contemporary technology platform environment that allows multiple portfolios and asset classes to be managed on a single platform, enabling seamless and accurate migration of portfolios from third party systems. Currently the system is managing Residential, Reverse and Commercial Mortgages, Auto-loans and personal unsecured loans.

  • Bluestone Capital Management acquires and manages finance receivables portfolios in partnership with third party capital investors. Bluestone Capital Management on behalf of institutional and retail investment draws on its extensive management experience in credit analysis, financing and management of receivable portfolios in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
  • Challenger International Pty Ltd: Challenger is one of Australia's largest non-bank lenders with a mortgage book of $A19.8 billion^, funding commercial loans as well as a range of residential mortgage products offered by a network of preferred lenders under their own brands. The company's more recent acquisition of interests in the distribution and aggregation segment of the market have made it one of the largest mortgage industry participants, with a network of 5,500 brokers and more than $A71 billion^ in mortgages under administration.
  • Classic Holidays Club: Classic Holidays Club manages resorts/clubs in Australia's favourite holiday destinations: Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Coral Coast, NSW Mid North Coast, The Murray Region and Victoria High Country, with access access to many more time share properties throughout Australia, New Zealand and the world.
  • Dunn & Bradstreet Australasia: Dunn & Bradstreet Australia operates today under the name D&B Australasia (DBA). DBA currently employs over 500 professionals in Australia and New Zealand (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide & Auckland). DBA is market leader in the credit information and debt management services sector in Australia and New Zealand.
  • MONEY3 Corporation Ltd: MONEY3 Corporation Ltd is a short term Australian lender specialising in INSTANT CASH loans from $100 to $20,000, Cheque Cashing, Car Loans and Leases, Insurance and International Money transfer via our MoneyGram affiliation. Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange Money3 is a leading financial services firm in Australia with over 80 branches across the country.
  • MoneyIQ Canada: MoneyIQ Canada is one of Canada's fastest growing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms. Money IQ Canada is a strategic partner of Axcess Canada providing hosted support to their SaaS license clients. Specializing in providing lending solutions to their partners and clients that help automate loan, lease or mortgage origination and servicing management. The firm is focussed on supporting it's clients needs bringing lenders and investment funders together to offer innovative loan or leasing solutions to the marketplace.
    • Cash Cash Payday Loans: This is a Canadian based Internet Payday Lending Institution that recently relaunched Q4 2012 after converting from another software provider. Cash Cash provides credible Payday Loan Microfinance Solutions to it's Canadian customer base. Clients using their online real-time origination and servicing solution will be able to apply for and service their active loans via the Cash Cash secure web portal.
    • Connor Clark & Lunn Financial Group Ltd has engaged Axcess Canada to configure a version of ARMnet to support their subsidiary MidStar Capital in funding and servicing commercial corporate loans.
    • CSF Receivables Management: CSF Receivables Management launched in 2015 as one of Canada's largest asset servicing companies with over 1.3 million client records under administration. They are focusing on First Party Collections as well as Third Party Agency Management. As a Business Process Outsourcing firm they also offer the ability to handle outsourcing or white label projects for loan origination and servicing for companies.
    • Instant Cash Loans: Instant Cash Loans, an innovative United Kingdom based lending institution that is a division of The Money Shop provides credible installment loan solutions using our online real-time origination and servicing solution. Clients can borrow from £500 to £1500. They then decide the best term for them to repay the loan between 6 and 18 months.
    • Loan Away Canada: Loan Away Canada Inc is launching as one of Canada's newest installment loan providers focusing on unsecured loans for a variety of client needs. Axcess Canada together was been contracted to configure ARMnet to support their unique propietary loan product needs as well as design a custom web portal for customers to apply online and manage their loans once approved.
    • Marble Financial: Marble Financial is developing Canada's first mobile/online Marketplace Lending Platform (MLP) offering clients a convenient, personalized, full-circle solution for managing debt, tracking budgets and monitoring personal financial health. Marble’s proprietary, scalable, cloud-based infrastructure and dashboard provide a diverse portfolio of loan products and services.
    • National Money Mart: National Money Mart, one of Canada's most successful microfinance lenders is launchinga new installment loan providers focusing on unsecured loans for debt consolidation, lifestyle needs and emergency repairs. Axcess Canada together with our managed services partner Money IQ Canada have been contracted to configure ARMnet to support their product needs as well as a custom web portal for staff to access the product through several key locations in Canada for both origination and servicing.
    • National Cash:A Canadian Internet based lending institution providing credible payday loan and cash advance solutions to Canadians using our online real-time origination and servicing solution.
    • One Capitall Ltd, an innovative Mumbai India based lending institution that provides microfinance loan solutions to their customers as an employee benefit via payroll deduction. Using our online real-time origination and servicing solution we link employee applicants to employers approved on the system for payroll deduction of loan payments. One Capitall Ltd will start using ARMnet to support clients in India and then branch out to other countries in MENA and Southeast Asia.
    • Refresh Financial transitioned on to ARMnet in early 2016 as one of Canada's innovative financial insitutions which focuses on providing affordable Savings Loans to Canadians looking to rebuild their credit and help them build a brighter financial future. Refresh focuses on delivering innovative products combined with outstanding customer service.
  • NZF Money Limited:NZF Money Limited commenced trading as New Zealand Finance Limited (NZF) in 1997 and listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange in 2004 as New Zealand Finance Holdings Limited (NZFH). NZFH later changed its name to NZF Group Limited (NZF Group) to more accurately reflect the business as a broad range financial services company.The NZF Group provides a diverse range of financial services and can be broken up into five distinct areas:

    • Home Loan products – NZF provides a range of Home Loan products that are funded by a wholesale facility of $225m from Westpac. These are secured solely by residential first mortgages. The majority of loans are reinsured by a third party reinsurer, Genworth Financial Services (a US established company).
    • Short term property based loans that are provided by NZF and funded predominately by first ranking debenture stock.
    • Short term consumer loans are also provided by the NZF Groups’ 70% owned subsidiary, Finance Direct Limited.
    • Secured term investments (debenture stock) – NZF has developed a range of retail secured term investments that partly fund its short term property loans and are offered directly to the public or via it’s network of independent Investment Advisers/Financial Planners.
    • Distribution and marketing capability results the acquisition by NZF Group of Mike Pero Mortgages (the largest mortgage broking business in New Zealand) for which NZ Group has a 50/50 joint venture with JV partner Liberty Financial of Australia. Mike Pero provides NZF with access to a large distribution network for its financial services products such as; Property Finance, Home Loans, KiwiSaver and its insurance product range (which is soon to be launched). NZF has also developed an extensive network of independent mortgage brokers, broker groups and Investment Advisers/Financial Planners to distribute NZF’s products.
  • OnePath Australia Ltd(Formerly ING Mortgage Funds): OnePath is one of Australia’s leading providers of wealth, insurance and advice solutions. We have been helping Australians grow and protect their wealth for over 130 years, previously as Mercantile Mutual and more recently as ING Australia. Now as a wholly owned subsidiary of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ), OnePath operates as part of ANZ’s specialist wealth business. ARMnet manages a $500 million mortgage portfolio for OnePath Australia Ltd.
  • Paradigm Quest, a national Canadian Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm, representing 6 Canadian mortgage lenders with assets exceeding $18 Billion for residential mortgage origination and servicing.
  • Pepper Home Loans Pty Ltd: Launched to the Australian mortgage market in 2001, Pepper Homeloans has grown to become one of Australia’s leading non-bank specialist lenders and mortgage servicers providing loan origination of consumer finance assets (home loans, automobile loans, Small to Mediumn Enterprise Loans)as well as equipment leases and mezzanine debt financing. Pepper also provides loan servicing and specialty servicing capabilities. Pepper has total loans under management of approximately A$1.5 billion.
  • Pepper Ireland: Pepper Ireland provides full loan servicing and advisory services including financial services institutions from Ireland and International Institutions, Wholesale Financial Institutions and Loan Originators funding through domestic or international Investors. Pepper provides primary and third party servicing on both residential and commercial mortgages. Most recently acquiring a €600 million portfolio of Irish mortgages from GE Capital in 2012 and a €220 Million portfolio of Spanish consumer loans from Celeris in early 2013 Pepper is continuing to acquire profitable assets as well as manage assets for third parties. Today they now currently have over €10 Billion in commercial and residential mortgages on ARMnet and they continue to grow.
  • Perpetual Corporate Trust: As one of the most trusted providers of financial products and services in Australia, Perpetual has long been recognised for initiative, integrity, security and vision. Perpetual Limited (Perpetual) is an ASX Top 200 company (ASX: PPT) with a market capitalisation of some A$3.2 billion. Funds under management as at 30 June 2007 was A$39.1 billion and funds under administration was A$210.1 billion.
  • RMBL Investments Limited: With over 50 years of experience, RMBL is a premier Australian Financial Services Company that is licensed as a contributory mortgage investment manager.
  • Westpac New Zealand: New Zealand’s largest bank uses ARMnet to interface the Westpac EFT Processing System with Westpac clients.
  • Axcess Consulting Group Pty. Ltd.,is one of the largest integrated financial product management solution providers in New Zealand & Australia representing over 45% of the credit origination and servicing providers in the region. Axcess Canada are now extending that financial product and banking software capability to the North American and European marketplace.

    Efficient Loan Origination, Loan Servicing & Integrated Financial Product Management Solutions for the Canadian Banking & Financial Services Sectors.

    ARMnet Financial Product Management Solutions –
    “Tomorrow’s Financial Product Management Solutions, Here Today.”


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  • AMAL Asset Management
    With over $A8.5 billion of assets under administration, AMAL Asset Management Limited is the leading third-party servicer in Australia and New Zealand. We have been using the ARMnet system for over seven years. Over this time, ARMnet has been an integral part of our service offering and helped us grow to a position where we service a variety of asset types, for over 30 of the regions leading financial services organizations.

    Brendan Weir
    Executive Director

    AMAL Asset Management Limited

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